Strategy for Jedi Training Academy sign up during Frozen Summer

We will be in Disney this summer during the Frozen Summer Fun in HS. I had originally planned on lining up 30 minutes prior to rope drop with my 8 year old son in order to sign him up for Jedi Training Academy. Will the Frozen morning festivities change the typical strategy for this? I’m curious what the best route would be to take, and if we should arrive earlier than planned. He is obsessed with all things Star Wars, so I want to be sure to get him signed up for Jedi Training. Any tips would be appreciated :slight_smile:

I can’t offer any tips, but I wanted to wish you good luck @spontius!

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We were there last summer during FSF. I would get there even earlier. We were there at 8am, two or three families back from Mickey tap stiles, but once through they kept the crowd at the Hat during the Olaf show. That just increased the crowds waiting to go to JTA. Really packed. I refused to run once we were let through and we ended up with a 12:40 show, which was okay with us.

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We were the same as @lucy in regard to refusing to run to JTA sign up. We were advised by friends to line up at the left taps tiles. I am not convinced this curated a better position for JTA sign up, however we also got a 12:40 slot. Just be prepared for you and your little Jedi to walk with purpose. People will run so be ready and set up a meeting spot with family post sign up who did not go to sign up as it does take some time in the am.

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I felt too embarrassed to run! I agree - walk with purpose.

I am reviving yet another topic. Is the general consensus that you need to be at the tapstiles at least 30 minutes prior to RD? If the park opens at 9, what time would that be? Is the sign up location well-marked?

JTA is basically the only must-do for DS10 at DHS, and I really don’t want to disappoint him!!