Strategy for Epcot and using FP

Here is my plan -

The way it is now, I am only using 1 of my 3 FP. Im trying to figure out the best way to utilize these FPs but I am not really looking to sit around the park all day if I dont need to. The TP I have posted here has little free time which is fine with me but it doesnt utlize the FP. Whats the best strategy to use these? I was thinking about adding in Test Track and Soaring twice for the older kids to do. Then start the plan at 9am instead of 930. Any thoughts here?

quick point…i added in Test Trck and Soaring twice…but dont really want to do them back to back…would prefer to spread them out but really wont work…any strategies to do these two rides twice without extending the day significantly…

FPP strategy at Epcot is tricky because of the tier system. Most of the rides you would need a FPP for are in tier 1, and you can only get one of those. So, if you want to do soarin and TT twice but not back to back, here is my suggestion. Go to both Soarin and TT as early as possible – definitely in the first hour the park is open. I would start at 9:00 (by which I mean I would be outside the gates ready to walk in at least 15 minutes before the scheduled opening). Get a FPP for soarin later in the day to ride a second time. Then ride TT a second time using the single rider line.

An alternative that will extend your day some is to go first thing and ride (as discussed above), then leave the park in the middle of the day. Rest, swim, visit Disney springs, or you can hang out in the world showcase, etc. then, in the last couple hours try to ride busy attractions again. TT and soarin both continue to have quite long lines all day, but in the last hour or so, it gets a bit better again.

Thanks…i updated it some. I am putting in TT and Soaring twice for now. My biggest issue is that the way i have the TP setup now is that i will have quite a few longer waits during the day and also that i am not getting the FP out of the early to do an extra one or two. This gets us done about 7pm and then we can decide whether or not to stay for Illumniations or if we are tired just head back to room.

Alternatively, i could try a TP with hitting Soaring first, then try and get a FP early 930ish for TT. Right now, nothing available though. Then I could get in Spaceship Earth and Green early maybe. Then try for a late FP for Soaring. Key is getting FP for TT early and right now earliest is 130pm.

I am suspicious of this plan. I think that with the 3 screens maybe that first Soarin time will work but I am afraid your whole plan will fall apart at TT. Are those TT times for single rider? Everything else looks very reasonable! Although this will be before Soarin, but with Soarin so it may be interesting!

Oh man. Where do you put in how many people for your plan? I haven’t seen that anywhere. I have 5 people. I edited it some late afternoon yesterday. Did you see my latest edits? I kinda like the plan but now worried not realistic. Are you saying the first TT time? Or second one? I’m guessing if it’s really bad we could skip it and plan to do it jist once later in day? We could also skip the world showcase stuff. Not sure we will spend much time through there if we don’t have to

I think @PrincipalTinker was just referring to the wait time. It does seem unlikely to me that standby at TT will only be 25 minutes at 9:45- that seems like a low projected wait time. It seems more realistic for the single rider line. But who knows.

I don’t think there is a place to designate the number of people in your party for your TP, though you can designate when you will use rider swap (for people traveling with short children) and maybe single riders line (but I don’t remember seeing that one myself).

Just my $.02, but I think you can leave your plan like it is with the understanding that you can eliminate something if you fall behind due to longer than projected wait times or move things to later in the day. TP app will let you “optimize” throughout the day to help you rearrange as necessary in reaction to changes and delays “on the ground.”

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Sorry, yes- I think your TT times seems to reflect single rider wait times! As @awspoede said, I would just be prepared to dropped something (you have all that time on Ellen’s :grinning:)

Thank you both. Agree. And agree on Ellen. I was more using that as a “get off your feet and cool down” ride. I’ve been on a few times and totally agree that it’s skip able. Thx for advice.

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