Strategies for Club Level VIP FPP selections

For those of you who have booked your club level VIP FPP and regular FPP at the 90-day mark, do you have any strategies or reflections on your approach?

My 90-day is coming up soon. I would think it would make sense to do the regular FPP first in the day and club-level second, so that I can start to get my 4th+ FPP sooner. Since the club level FPP cannot be modified by MDE, was that a pain to deal with? Did you regret having them on low-crowd level days since you cannot modify them easily, such as if you were ahead of schedule?

Would appreciate any thoughts.

Oh, I am interested in this, just in case I decide to use my CL voucher.

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We arrive August 5, start park days August 6. I did our regular FPs first so I could try for a fourth regular FP. I booked our CL FPs in the afternoon -

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I did just find this:

I have read it earlier but I see the recent discussion regarding the removal of HEA viewing. To me that decreased the value .

I know, I was so disappointed to read that.

Refreshing this thread to see if anyone has any new observations about this program & to ask a question of those who have used it-

Do you think it’s worth doing on a day in MK where the crowd level forecast is 4? This is on the second day of the trip. Planning to use the program on the really busy days later on ( Memorial Day weekend), though.

I’m think of not buying it on the MK day partly to save money but also I think I am becoming a Liner and just like the challenge & satisfaction of executing a finely-tuned touring plan. :spiral_calendar: I would feel a bit lazy using it every day. But we haven’t been on 7DMT & don’t want to miss out on riding that a couple of times, either. Thanks!

Hi Pod,

I just returned today from my trip! So I can give you a little feedback based on my sample size of 1. We did this on one of our two MK days, a CL3 day, and the other was a CL1 day. We were glad we had it. I found I had very little ability to modify and get particularly good same day fastpasses on EITHER day. I have read a few other threads very recently about some guests perceiving less same-day availability in the last couple of weeks. The only same day FPP’s I got were barnstormer, under the sea, and I saw things like teacups and small world. I did snag a meet Rapunzel and tiana, but that was it. Granted, I did not spend that much time refreshing but I still did not find much. When Splash was down, I had BTMRR next, and was unable to modify the time to move it up (since both are nearby and I would have had to criss cross the park to come back to BTMRR later). I couldn’t tinker with anything while I was there–again, I didn’t try too much. So it was nice to have those. I would say that if you tour in a way where your morning is set and your afternoon is flexible, play-by-ear, I would do the CL fpps’ first bc those are harder to modify (you have to call DSS), and then the regular fpp’s can be done on your phone if changes need to be made.


And as for standby wait times, they varied. BTMRR was 55 minute wait at 10 am b/c one of the sides was down for repair. So you just never know. We were glad to have the FPP even on a low CL day. We’d rather not spend our precious time waiting 25 min to do a 90 second ride.

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p.p.s. on the CL 1 day, we RD’s seven dwarfs and were off by 9:10. We got to the rope by 8:30.

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IThanks for the detailed report! One big factor in all this is it’s our only day at MK. We were also thinking of doing Disney After Hours if it’s available- it’s a Thursday which is when they seem to offer that event, but those dates aren’t available yet. I think we had better do one or the other!

We typically do have a more flexible evening, & usually go back to the resort between 2-4 pm, so the way you arranged your CLFP seems right to me. How many were in your party? There are 5 of us and it just seems unlikely that we’d be able to find many same-day FP we could do together if we opt not to get the CLFPs. A schedule of 6 rides just seems less stressful to me.

Of course, this all presumes the program is still available in May.

@pod, you are welcome! There were four of us. I know it’s a pain to have to space the six out by an hour, but I would probably do them like this: 9, 10, 11, club level FPP, and do the 9 am around 9:50 after taking advantage of the hour after RD, followed by 10 and 11, eat lunch if you are planning to do so at MK ,then do your 12 (regular FPP) around 12:50 after lunch. Take your break from 2-4 or whenever, and have your last two regular FPP set for 4 and 5, and do the 4 pm around 4:45, followed by 5 pm one right after. Since there was not many great same day fastpasses, I wouldn’t put too much stock into getting any. We loved not spending our time in lines.

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Hi! We are going the first week in January and did the CL fastpasses. I can update you after the trip but I wanted to say that I had the same concerns - 6 hours of planned FP seemed like a lot to juggle and figure out. I tried to do the free FPs first in the day but it didn’t always work. For example, Toy Story Land, you can only use 1 of your free FPs for that land and the other 2 have to be CLFP. We are a party of 7 and I just decided with 4 of the party being grandparents, first time ever or first time in several decades for all of us and a very crowded time I would rather know we will be at least getting in the 6 most popular rides. Anything else will just be extra! Also, this way we don’t have to be super concerned about getting to the park before rope drop - just in time for the first FP (which is early but will save us about an hour each day). I want to not feel as rushed and crazed but it was very anticlimactic getting the FPs after all the strategy I had planned before realizing we would have the CLFPs:) Oh, and we saved one of our CLFP for Illuminations. It wasn’t hard to give us the 6th one in Epcot and that took care of not getting the preferred seating. For Fantasmic, we decided to do the dessert party since it is “cheaper” compared to others but you can always reserve the dining plan for that and AK. Good luck!

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Biting the bullet and giving this a try in Feb. Any chance TP might make plans that can accommodate all 6 FP? I’d love to be able to plug them in and have it tell me what to do when.

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What I’m doing is looking at what TP recommends for early in the day, doing that and then around 10 am starting the FP. Wherever I am at about 10 is where we start from and then work our way around the park. I put in the FP in that order to minimize walking, and then hit “Evaluate”. Then I add filler attractions tat have no FP

I’m having a hard time figuring out where to put lunch ADRs as the CMs won’t schedule those to overlap with the fps and I like mid-day ADRs for taking a nice break.

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I did my FP’s at 9,10,11, then lunch at noon. I would not go to my 9 am FPP until 9:55 or so–that allowed me to take advantage of the first hour at RD and still make time for an ADR. Middaybreak, then FPP at 4,5,6–often park hopping.

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Yes TP lets you do that

I think that might work better for us. working in a midday break with an ADR and all these Fps isn’t easy. we plan to park hop back to Epcot or DHS as we plan to stay at BWI.

Haha! my cup runneth over. I’m such a whiner about having too many nice things to schedule…

Yes those are great problems to have! Hope it works out for you!

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