Strategic Seating for Fantasmic!

I have only been to Fantasmic! once and I was by myself, so I was able to sneak in right before showtime, sit very close to the exit, and left before the crowd. This put me ahead of the game enough to snag a really decent view of the Star Wars fireworks (which I actually enjoyed much more than F!).

However, next time I visit, I will be with my family (6 of us altogether) so I am assuming that we will definitely need to arrive early to F! in order to sit together. My question is this: will they let us choose to sit near an exit or will they make us all “scoot all the way down to your left, people, all the way down to your left!”?
This could make it really tough to beat the hoards on the way out. I think SW is going to be a higher priority for us than F!, so I am wondering if it is realistic to try for both or if we should just stick with SW…

We will be there on a CL 2 day, with F! at 7pm and SW fireworks at 8pm.

Watching with interest

I was there on Saturday. The CMs were directing traffic at the top of the amphitheater so that people went into the right section (Stand by, FastPass+, Dinner/Dessert Package). Beyond that, you could find your own seat wherever you wanted. It was just as chaotic as I remembered from many years ago. Arrive at least 1/2 an hour early, maybe more.