Apparently I had a stowaway on my solo trip in July! And will again for our family trip in October :wink:


Congrats! That’s so exciting.


Aww, congratulations!


What a lucky stowaway to travel twice to the World! Congratulations!!


Congrats! I love the shirts!






Awesome. Congrats.

For two of our kids (two different occasions), we were on vacation when we found out we were going to have another one. Kind of made both of those vacations extra special. I’m guessing you feel the same!


So cute! Congratulations!




Congratulations! Such cute shirts!


awwww that’s awesome :heart_eyes:! congrats!


Thanks :slight_smile: This baby may end up loving thrill rides, especially after 3 rides on RnR and another 4 on ToT :joy:

And now I don’t have to worry about rider swap for our family trip any more haha!


Congratulations! 3/4 of my kids visited Disneyland in utero :slight_smile: