Storyteller's Cafe

Are you able to enter into the Storyteller’s Cafe from inside DCA? Or is the entrance only through the hotel from outside the park?

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You have to exit the park into the hotel and then enter the restaurant. But just to be clear, anyone can exit into the hotel through the GCH entrance from DCA by Grizzly Peak. You don’t have to be a hotel guest. (Coming from the hotel into DCA they do check your key but only early in the morning.)

Thanks but don’t your first two sentences contradict each other? We’re going to have breakfast there but we’re coming from the Harbor Blvd side. I want to know if we have to walk all the way around or if we can cut through DCA…

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Ok I see what you are saying. I thought you meant are you able to enter the restaurant directly from DCA like Rainforest Cafe in AK, to which the answer is no, the entrance to the restaurant is fully within the hotel.

But your question is whether you can cut through the park to get to the hotel. The answer is yes, as long as DCA is open and you have valid admission*. You can either enter the hotel from DCA through the dedicated entrance by Grizzly Peak, or you can walk around to the entrance in Downtown Disney.

*meaning you can’t cut through if you have a park hopper and your park reservation is for Disneyland and it is before the 11am hopping time.

Perfect, thank you! Just got passes so we should be good!

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