Storyteller Cafe

I just got on the app and filtered Character dining for a day we will be at the park. They had dinner at Storytellers cafe open for our party of six. After doing some research, I’m finding out that characters are NOT present for dinner. Can someone give me confirmation.? I find it very deceptive and false advertising on the app if I filter “character dining” and there aren’t characters for that reservation Had I not researched or looked into it, I’d have otherwise not known and had been pretty upset after paying.

It is correct that Storyteller’s is a character meal only for breakfast or brunch but NOT lunch or dinner. It’s a good thing you were able to investigate & take the time to learn the meal you booked wasn’t included. While it’s totally possible to miss it, when I read through their website about the restaurant I see several mentions about dinner not including any characters. But I do get that it’s frustrating to have to look at those details when it pulled up as a character dining.