Storybook Dining

Hi all,
I was going to wing it for our August trip so I didn’t book any ADRs. Now, 30 days out, I’m looking to see what I can book. I snagged a reservation for storybook dining at artist point last night. Looking at the reviews though, it looks like the food is not good. My family of 6 are not adventurous eaters and this is a pricey ressie. So…who has been there? What can you tell me about it? Should I keep it?

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This is an excellent review from @OBNurseNH.

Storybook Dining At Artist Point: A Review


So helpful! Thank you!

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I really need to stay away from all the dining discussions… LOL! I’ve made soooo many ADR’s already (Jan 2020), and I’m probably going to drop 1-2 of them just due to the time and not wanting to feel like all we’re doing is eating, and then I keep reading about ANOTHER place I want to go! LOL! I actually stared at my planning spreadsheet to decide if there was a day where it would make sense to add Artist’s Point, and I’m proud to say that I have decided NOT TO DO IT… haha!

Is 5 months before my upcoming trip too early to start planning my NEXT next trip?:thinking: Asking for a friend. :joy::rofl:

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Storybook is my most desired ADR. We have one for 8:40PM and I am hoping res finder can find me an earlier one. :heart: I just don’t think it’s going to work for us. Not that they can’t stay up or eat that late, but it just feels soooooo late.

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Do not give up hope Res Finder just found me a Storybook for my August trip last night…this was after being alerted 4 other times and missing out each time!

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So y’all are saying I should keep it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I think that is what we have decided. I will regret it if I let it go.

A few years ago the only time I could get for CRT was 9:00pm…I thought no way would we wait that long for dinner and the kids would be a mess…shockingly it was great and I would have been sad if we missed it! Even if 8:40 is the only one…keep it and sometimes the excitement of it all makes you forget how late it is. lol (our kids were like 4 and 6 at the time…no idea how we made it with no one loosing it)

When are you going?

November. 16th

I have an 8:40 also that RF got for me. Been trying to modify it for months, to no avail. I try not to eat after 7PM, so I’m struggling with the time. I’m a party of one and going to show up maybe and hour early and see if they can take me. If not, I guess I’ll just go drinking at Geyser Point. LOL!