Storybook Dining with Snow White

I’ve read previous reviews where Snow White and Dopey were not at artist point for storybook dining on nights there is MNSSHP. I realize that the characters are “subject to change”, however the only nights we have free to eat there are nights of MNSSHP. I don’t want to pay that price if we won’t get to meet all 4 of the characters. Anyone have any experience or thoughts on this?

Story book dining was not open yet during MNSSHP. It did not open till December.


My mistake. I meant during the Christmas party. Im concerned with the halloween party, as we will be there in September.

My guess is there’s more than one person who is Snow White and the Evil Queen so she and the dwarfs would be there. Snow White appears all day at Akershus and outside of Germany so a character can be at more than one place.

At Christmas I saw Mickey in a Christmas outfit at YC. I jokingly asked a CM how he could be there, when I’d seen him at the character spot at Epcot an hour or so earlier. She explained that there are mouseholes all over WDW and that’s how he gets around to so many different places so quickly. He gets changed along the way.


Wait what?

That has to be… magic or something.

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