Storybook Dining or Skipper's Canteen?

We are trying to figure out dinner options for a day that we will spend at MK. It is a MVMCP night and we will not be staying for the party. Are we better off having a late dinner at Skipper’s (6:55) or heading over to WL for a dinner at Artist Point? We do have adventurous eaters who have previously enjoyed the food at Skippers. Which would you choose for 8 and 10 year old boys?


If you have the late dinner at skipper canteen you’ll get a chance to see some of the party stuff as you slowly make your way to the exit.

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I think you have to have party tickets to have an ADR that late (6:55) in the park on a party day. The park usually closes at 6:00 on party days. Check park hours to be sure.

I haven’t done either restaurant yet but have both planned for my next trip. They seem like very different experiences. To me it would only be worth the Snow White prices if you wanted to see the characters there. We are very excited about seeing the Evil Queen.

Oh just reread. …I don’t know that they will let you be in park with no ticket beyond 6. yes if you had a 555 pm ressie you could stay…I could be dead wrong though

We did both last week and they were two of our better meals. So my answer would be both! But if you had to pick just one I would likely do Artist Point because of the party and that you have done Skippers before. The food was really good at Artist Point, Grumpy was awesome & Dopey was fairly amusing. We could take or leave Snow White actually - the Queen had a nice presence although she wasn’t going table to table. It is also a fun little adventure to boat over to Wilderness Lodge, see a different resort etc.


Thank you for the feedback. I think we will stick with Artist Point!