Storybook Dining At Artist Point: A Review


Yeah there is clearly an inconsistency issue here because I didn’t get any dry ice action. And now I’m furious.


She came to the table with it and and she said, “I will wait a minute because you will want a picture of this.”


Wait. So it’s supposed to be like picture one and you have instead picture two?


I find her squeaky voice very grating. You’re not missing much.


Thank you

So yours just sort of dropped off the box vs presented it?


They deliver it to you - picture one- all smoke and mysterious. The box serves 3 adults (for my table). The smoke goes away and the plate with the heart and popcorn is what is left.


Mine scurried by like, “Here look” and scooped it out of the box (no dry ice effect) and tossed it on the plate. It was really very disappointing.


No smoke for us :frowning:


Smoking is no longer allowed.:rofl:








We got smoke at T-Rex!


I feel like you are bragging.

Why are you not a nice person?


I also got $9 off the price of the dessert with my Landry’s card.

There, now I’m bragging!


We are in a fight.


I’m certain that I can’t win, you’ve been to Disney much more than me!


I would be disappointed.
That is exactly the kind of thing that would make me feel cheated.


It just was the culmination of what his service level had been throughout the evening - hurried and stressed and going through the motions to get it done.


I would consider complaining about it. How long ago was the dinner?