Storybook Dining At Artist Point: A Review


You have circled the one item on the menu above. When I was at Artist Point that one circled item was served, individually, to each child as their appetizer (see @kda’s picture above). The other three items listed as kid’s appetizers seem to be the new adult appetizers? Is it a menu change?


I must say when I looked at it I wondered how many kids would want to tuck into the Hunter’s Terrine.


I was going to write a nasty review about the podcasters that couldn’t read the menu . Then I realized the Disney inline one must be wrong ? I know this happens often and menus change seasonally?


They do change a lot, I don’t know if this is right or not.


This popcorn and heart thing…were we supposed to order it? Not sure what you two are talking about with kid’s apps. Sorry. Not much help


These are listed desserts. I will see what other menu pics we have. Will ask the fam about popcorn thing. I don’t remember it.


The popcorn and heart dessert is included for all and should have been brought to you after the dessert course. I am guessing your server forgot. Not good!


Why I maybe missed something. Bebe girl is pretty active. Thank goodness for cameras, or we would forget half the trip details later! :star_struck::heart_eyes:


Yea. Maybe they did forget. I will ask the fam if they remember.


How can Grumpy look Grumpy with that perfect princess!!!


fam says we did not get Popcorn and Heart. :pensive:


hahaha. i thought the same thing. gotta wonder what the cm in that costume was thinking


I love this kid realness aspect of your posts – I’m still reading your excellent trip report and it’s keeping my expectations of my tween’s moods realistic. My kids both said they want to avoid princesses as much as possible on this (first, hopefully not only) trip. But I showed villain-and-drama-loving DS11 pictures of people interacting with the Evil Queen and he conceded it looked fun. I may see if we can add it to our plans but will look closely at the menu first.

Your review was great fun to read and I’m sorry the hurried and stressed server took away from the experience.


Good thing you didn’t, or we wouldn’t have this review. :wink:




I’m not familiar with what this is, or how it is supposed to work.
Could you explain it a little better? Thanks!


Thank you for this review. We are booked here next month and I have 2 kids with the same level of adventurous eating as yours. :roll_eyes: I’ll study the menus prior, make sure we get our heart/popcorn presentation and hopefully look forward to some good character interaction.


Yes! Please explain this piece further. :heart:


Use the following link and open the video embedded in it. Fast forward to about the 14:20 mark and you’ll see.


I have a couple of pictures too.

This is what the waitress brought to the table.

This is what my serving looked liked