Storybook Dining at Artist Point - a recommendation

We just returned from WDW and I wanted to drop a quick note to readers to say that we highly recommend the Storybook Dining experience. It was hands down the best character experience of our trip. The staff went out of their way to make sure the kids had a chance to interact with Snow White, the Queen, Dopey and Grumpy. The Queen’s invitation for photos was lovely touch. The children’s starter was met with rave reviews and I have zero complaints about the quality of food and its presentation. If you can only do one character dinner, I would recommend this over Be Our Guest (the food us better but it’s not a true character experience).


I’m the picky eater in the group, only one main looks appealing. Apps and dessert nothing. Do they offer any alternatives for kids they may be will to give an adult?

They were pretty flexible. For example my daughter wasn’t a fan of the sides so I asked if we could substitute a salad for a side, they offered a tomato side and greatly increased her side of carrots. My daughters had the salmon and the grilled chicken breast - both were nicely done. I’ve heard of instances where they brought in chicken strips; I imagine they would do any of the kid options for you at the adult price.


Thanks for sharing and glad you had a good experience.

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Our experience here was amazing. Characters were great, service was outstanding, our dinner was probably the best meal that I have ever had at WDW. We were a group of 5 adults and 2 children and everyone loved it. I stopped on the way out of the restaurant to tell the manager how impressed we were.


Thanks for the intel. I read on chat you could even order a second entree.

We thought it was amazing too. Also, beat the heck out of CRT both in food and characters.

The food was of a high enough quality that even if you normally don’t like something, I’d try it there (unless you really hate whatever it is).

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We went pre-lockdown and we had the best time. It was spectacular. Glad to hear you found it excellent now, as well!

Are the appetizers pick one or you then all? Son has a turkey allergy.

How far out did you book it? I know it’s hard to get.

They brought all 3 appetizers - one per person. At the restaurant check-in the’ll ask if there are any allergies so I’m sure they’d be more than willing to substitute.

We booked right at our 60 day mark. I was trying to get a date later in our stay and had no problem securing that, but I also didn’t look to see if something was available at the front end of our trip.

I mean how many days past 60 did you book this 60+?

My friend is allergic to chocolate. So for dessert they brought her a different selection that did not contain chocolate. So they are very flexible.

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That’s an awful allergy but good to know.

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