Storybook dining at 4PM

I got a dining reservation with reservation finder (yay!) Do you think I can make it from Magic Kingdom to Wilderness Lodge for 4PM? We will be at parade till 3:30PM and will stand near front entrance then we will take the boat over. We are 6 adults.

Was it in September? I tried to get that one and was too late! Good for you! I’m still trying.

Good to know the res finder is working. I’ve had a Via Napoli search going now for probably a month with no luck. Perhaps the problem is that my party size is 7. Same thing with BOG, but I sort of expected that to be a difficult one.

This one was for August 14 for 6 people. I have had a lot of notifications from the reservation finder and have been juggling around reservations a bit due to fast passes etc. So keep trying!

Boat trip is 10 - 15 minutes.

If one is just pulling away as you near the dock, you could be waiting 10 - 15 minutes for the next boat.

Then there’s the walk from inside MK to the boat dock. The wait in line on the dock.

And the walk from the WL dock to WL.

It could be done. If you believe in magic . . .

I had to get MDE at WL at 4:10. We watched the parade near Pecos, left right away and walked through the stores. We were at WL by 3:45. It can be done. Even if you are a little late, you will be fine.


Thanks, I think we could do it! We are all active and we can walk quickly/jog if needed.

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Ironically, just got the BOG reservation this morning!

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That’s great! It’s so exciting when that notification pops up then instantly dropping everything to grab the reservation

got ohana on res finder because I got the text at a decent hour and was already in mde app

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Yay!!! I got storybook dining reservations thanks to the touring plans reservation finder!!!


That is awesome! Now you can celebrate! I’m so excited to go there!

I feel like such a weight has been lifted!! Now, to prepare for FP day next month. Lol

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Wishing you success with your FP bookings and hope you have a great trip!


Yay Reservation Finder! I got 5:15 PM today so I don’t have to rush for the 4 PM reservation anymore! Woo Hoo!