Stormtroopers and First Order Officers: Comedians in disguise

I’ve had some fun playing around with characters at meet and greets before, but I was unprepared for how funny Star Wars cast members in HS were this time. Stormtroopers seem to have a set of stock phrases they can use, but they use them to great effect. The officers from the First Order who take RotR riders “prisoner” were also very deadpan funny while staying completely in character. Alas, I was a little too star struck/Star Wars fangirly to come up with any great comebacks this time. I will be better prepared next trip. Anyway, for your amusement, here are some of the best interactions.

RotR First Order interrogation officer, reading my nephew’s BB-8 shirt: “‘Rolling with the homies?’ Where are your homies now?”

RotR First Order officer to prisoner pushing buttons on the wall: “Do you know what those buttons do? NOTHING. Or maybe open the garbage chute directly under you.”

Stormtrooper stopping dead in his tracks and turning to DD9 (Disneybounding as Leia): “Be careful. Someone might question your loyalty.”

Stormtrooper to my sister, who was two-fisting drinks on the way from the bar to her table: “Slow down, citizen.”

Stormtrooper to my nephew (5) who was being a general nuisance: “Settle down!”

Stormtrooper to DD12 (Disneybounding as Rey): Looks at DD12, looks up at Rey mannequin directly above our table, looks at DD12, looks up at Rey mannquin, looks at DD12, “I’ll need to see your identification.”


Thanks for the info, totally agree. These guys are great! I was watching youtubes all last night when I discovered just how good they are right now. I can’t wait to see the “bad guys” in person, they are even a notch above how cool they were a few years back during a Star Wars parade day.

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For some reason (maybe it’s because I have a 5 year old) this one really got me giggling.

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A friend of mine asked on of the First Order CMs how the benefits package was and they responded “It;s great.It even includes Dental!”

He also asked if he could join and they shot back “We would never take YOU.”


This one cracked me up :rofl:


Agreed. CM Perry was the best. After the ride I was impressed enough that I talked to a CM in charge at ROTR to let them know he was the best.

Someone was pressing buttons right before entering our cell and he called them on it. Someone else made a sound like a wookie. Perry took a census (“raise your hands if you think …” with a great British accent) of how many of us thought that pressing that button would make a sound like a wookie. After making him press the button again: “No … I think not.” Then, upon putting us in the cell he polled us again as to how many people thought the button he was about to press would make a sound. Of course it did as the cell door closed.