Stormalong Bay YC question

Are there usually enough inner tubes available or should we pack our own? We are going in June.

do you really want to deal with that?? I think they do a fairly good job of ensuring only hotel guests use the pool. I think you should be fine. You always can pack one just in case

Inner tubes can be a little scarce midday around the lazy river, but there are pretty strict rules about what kind of floaty you’re allowed to have in the pool - I’ve seen lifeguards apologetically tell people that they were really sorry but their special/new/whatever inner tube wasn’t allowed in the pool.

I have read that only noodles and the tubes they provide are allowed. The rings they provide are clear and allow life guards visibility to the bottom of the pool. They only let you use what won’t block their line of sight.

Thanks everyone! I think we will just chance it. Maybe a nice adult will relinquish there inner tube if they see a 7 yo crying because they are all gone?

I saw that too.

Please know - there is a TON of things to do there that don’t require an inner tube. With or without - it is a spectacular pool with lots of things to do

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