Storing Luggage at Disney Resort

Ok, because my FAVORITE moderate resort is reopening (French Quarter :partying_face: ), I decided to treat myself & changed my WDW part of my trip from before my Disney Cruise to after. I am flying down the day before the cruise, as I don’t want to worry about flight delays, etc. and am thinking of just staying one night at the All Stars.

Here’s my question. Can I bring luggage to POFQ & have it stored there until after the cruise (only 5 day cruise)? I’ll have one smaller case for the cruise and a larger case for WDW. Will they allow that?

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I think you’d have to call the resort directly to get an answer on that. I called OKW this morning and they gave me the number I needed… that didn’t work but they were helpful never-the-less.

oh… if you are DVC they have lockers to rent

Unfortunately, not a DVC member & the French Quarter is not scheduled to reopen until October 28th.

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Call ASM and ask their bell services, explaining that you’ll need bags transferred to POFQ and held for 5 days… see what they say???

You can definitely store it at AS until after your cruise bc I’ve read other people have done that in the past. I don’t see why you couldn’t at FQ if you give them your checkin date.

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