Store GC to Disney GC question

I’m an Ibotta member and I have accumulated a little over $200. I can’t cash out to a Disney GC but I was wondering if anyone knows if I can take another store who sells Disney GCs and somehow roll the ones I get into Disney cards.

Some options I have include Walmart, Target, Sams Club (sister is a member if it matters) and Best Buy. I’m curious to see if any of these stores do bonus earnings.

FYI: trip is in May so December 10% day won’t be available.

I’m an Ibotta user as well! I cash out with Target gift cards and then purchase my GCs in person at Target. So that I get my 5% off I usually get something I need during a regular Target run anyway.

If you have a membership to one of the big box stores that may be even better way to go. I haven’t done it that way. I have cashed out with Walmart GC and had no issues buying Dis GC so I assume Sam’s club wouldn’t give you any issues either. Good job racking up those rebates!!

Walmart/Sam’s GC. You can use both at Sam’s and Sam’s has Disney GC at about 4-5% discount.

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Target only gives you the 5% red count discount on the portion you actually pay with the red card. If you are paying most or all with GC then no red card discount is applied.

Thanks for correcting me- definitely Sam’s/Walmart then!:blush: