Storage Spots

Next month we will be spending a week in WDW for the first time in 8 years. No stroller needed this time, so it occurred to me that we will have no place to conveniently store all our stuff (water bottles, etc.) while we go on rides and attractions. I know that a smallish backpack or purse can probably go on most rides, but can anyone give advice on where to store or what to do on more extreme rides or places we can’t take them? Everyone in our party will go on everything, so we can’t leave stuff with grandma, either. Any helpful hints most welcome!

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I use a medium sized bag and it fits fine, even on space mountain (just wrapped around my foot and under my leg). There are lockers now for Kali River rapids (if it’s open). I highly recommend using them. they are free even though it seems like they will charge you.

I’ve brought my camera bag on every ride with no issues. Even RnRC.

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I don’t usually take any bag with me, but on the times I have, I’ve had no problems on any of the rides. I DO use the (free) lockers for KRR to store everything (camera, phone, wallet, etc) so it doesn’t get soaked - but there would be no “physical” issues with taking a bag on there either.

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I use a regular sized back pack and it’s usually full with ponchos/sweater/snacks and water bottles for our family of 3 and we have never had any problems having it fit on all rides between my feet.


No isues on Disney rides and bags as long as it’s not an oversized bag or multiple bags. Space Mt., BTMRR, Everest, RNRC TOT, none of these have any issues with bags.

As many have mentions Kali is an issue only because of the water getting to your stuff, so use the free lockers.

Now Sea World and Universal are a differ issue, and I think there are lockers available near each ride that you need to stash stuff.

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