What’s the best place in the parks to meet Stitch these days? He’s my daughter’s favorite and we are not doing Ohana this trip.
Thanks everyone!

I’m pretty sure you only have the one option, at Magic Kingdom in Fantasyland near Buzz Lightyear.

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Thanks. I was hoping for a couple of options but we will just have to allow time. I just usually seem to hit characters just as they are shutting down the line for a break. :roll_eyes:

We kind of rope dropped him - got there about 10 minutes before the first session - and were first in line, but by the time we got out there were a lot of people waiting.

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At MK in TOMORROWLAND near MILF last I knew


Stitch meets in Tomorrowland each day 2pm - 5pm

A great resource for character meets is


The ‘‘where’’ has already been explained (it’s very logically where his ride used to be) but I’d like to add that this is one of our favorite M&G. I won’t give any spoilers but Stitch is awesome. Bad behavior and all. Say ‘‘aloha’’ to greet him and ask him what’s his badness level. :wink:


We met Stitch on October 10 with about a twenty minute wait (CL2 day). We had PhotoPass but Stitch greeted DS5 before the photographer was ready and she missed the entire interaction. Wish I had known to say “aloha” to him – Stitch is one of our favorite characters, but our experience was pretty banal. :neutral_face:

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How did Alien Swirling Saucers successfully become A2S, but this horrible acronym for Monsters has stuck around?!? Should be just MLF.

And the other one should not be AS2

We actually met Stitch at Typhoon Lagoon, just by chance, with very little wait. It was near the exit around 3pm I think.

Thanks everyone! We will plan on being in tomorrowland between 2 and 5 on our MK day. And we will say “Aloha” to Stitch. My daughter has a badness level shirt she can wear, too.