Still one aspect I don't understand about MM share..please help

I volunteered to lead a share and we decided to set up a dummy MDE account so there would be no way any of us could accidently delete or change any one else’s fast passes or dinner reservations.
The only thing I don’t understand is that my Magic Bands (with linked tickets/fast passes/hotel reservations) are attached (linked) to my actual real MDE account.
Now that I have set up the dummy account (and soon purchase Memory Maker $149) do I link my Magic Bands to the dummy account, too?
If I don’t, what does the photographer scan after he/she has taken our picture. How does the picture “know” what account to get sent to?

OK…I may have figured it out…can someone confirm.
I am the leader. I already have my own MDE account with all my reservations, tickets, magic bands, etc. linked. I create the dummy account for the group but I must invite MYSELF (my original MDE account) to link with the dummy account, as well as invite all the other families to link to the dummy account.
This way when I take a photo in the park and scan my magic band it will go to my own MDE account (which does NOT have the memory maker entitlement purchased) and will ALSO go to the Dummy MDE account which does have the memory maker entitlement purchased.
Whew. Is that correct?

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Anyone who’s pictures you want to appear in the dummy account just need to be associated to the dummy account as 'Family and Friends". Any picture linked to a magic band of an account that is linked to the dummy account via the “Family and Friends” status will appear in the dummy account.

OK…so, even though my Magic Band is already linked to my regular official MDE account, I can also link it to the Dummy account I have set up for the Memory Maker share group? Is that correct?

You are not linking your magic band. You are linking your MDE. Your magic band is just an access point to your MDE. The dummy account needs to add everyone who wants to add pictures as “friend and family”.

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Yes. This is correct!

Ok, so if my normal real MDE account user name is Susan Smith ( and my Dummy account is Pam Smith ( then I need to send the Susan Smith ( an invitation to be a “friend” to the Dummy account Pam Smith.

Yep! Did you buy the $1 guide for sharing MM? I found it to be really helpful to my shares.