Still a good idea to head to FOP first thing after RD?

We were unable to score FPs for FOP for our August trip, so we made them for NRJ instead (currently 10:45 am). The TP software puts FOP as the last step of the day since the waits are predicted to be long even if placed at step 1 of the plan. I read another post from a few months ago explaining that because the TP cannot accurately account for arriving very early before RD, that we should put a break in the the #1 spot in place of FOP if heading there first thing to “trick” the software.

Can anyone who has done this recently verify that this strategy still works well? Is 8 am arrival at AK reasonable for 9 am opening? How long of a “break” should I allow for to account for waiting in line and riding FOP?

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I believe the software is assuming you are getting there at 9. I would be there by 7:45 at the latest but it is still a good strategy.

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This is what I do, but I plug in a restaurant that’s nearby and set the minutes to zero, as opposed to using a break. This way, the system at least knows where you are in relation to your second step.

We have the same problem. Logged on the second the 30 day FP window opened and Flights of Passage (FOP) passes were already gone, but we did get Navi River Journey, Expedition Everest and Kilimanjaro Safaris. Problem is that our Touring plan has us doing everything in the morning then a 6-7 break before doing FOP (plenty of time for Wilderness Explorers then!).

We’ll be there in late July but not sure whether to give your idea a try or go with the plan and have a lazy afternoon. Has anyone here tried this option?

We tried three strategy this morning. We arrived at the park at 8:30. We had to go to the ticket kiosks first to validate our tickets (first day) so for into the FOP queue at about 8:50. Just insert an hour later we had finished the ride. It was worth the wait. Glad we did it that way instead of waiting til the evening as it was a hot day and the kids had had enough by 14:00.

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Seems a much better strategy to get there for park opening, ‘walk on’ everything else then hit FOP at lunch. Sure you wait longer for THAT ride but that’s offset with limited queuing for everything else.

Josh it easy WDW had a post about this recently. IF you can get to the park early and move quickly when the gates open, it sounds like rope dropping it is the way to go.

Just to add, I think it makes an insane amount of sense to have your navi river journey fast pass at lunch for the same reasons. Enter the park, go into dino land, proceed round the park anti-clockwise. Book sensible fast pass times for Everest (~9.10am) and safari (~10.30)… get to Pandora at lunch. Wonder around, FP NRJ, then queue for FOP. I did some pretty extensive testing of touring plans ride orders and this seem to confirm this was the optimal strategy. Well, it certainly is if you don’t want to get up REALLY early…

… and assuming the queue is due to be less than 2 hours.

Agreed. We did that. FOP straight to Dinoland to do Prime all Whirl and Dinosaur with barely any wait. Then FP for Expedion Everest, the Nemo show then FP for Navi…