Still 7am to make fastpasses?

Tomorrow is Fastpass day! Woohoo!

Is it still 7am EST that they open reservations, or has that changed? Just want to check on it before I wake up too late or something. I gotta get those Flight of Passage Fastpasses.

Thanks in advance for any help.

I just did mine last week and yes. It was still 7. Are you 60 days out going in January? We arrive January 13 for 7 nights. I was able to get all the difficult ones. Fop on two different days, 7 dwarfs, sp mt, frozen and toy story!! Was so excited am hoping the crowd levels are not bad this time of year Good luck!

Thanks so much. Good news to hear that you were able to get the good ones. We are going Jan 20th for 8 nights. I have FOP in the plans for two days, one is early in the trip, so I am hopeful to get it, but who knows. The other is near then so I am pretty confident I will get that. I will let you know how I make out.


Sorry, was a busy day at work, so I am just getting to reply. Got everything I needed. The FOP on the first visit to DAK had to be a little later than I wanted it, but I will take it.

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