Steve's Countdown Thread - he's HERE!

We need this. I am 10 days to AKL and 12 days to Moms & Minis at Harambe Nights. Super excited - I even made FPP!


It does make me happy that Steve has a countdown here. I am at 115 until CBR.

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I think I'm at 23 more days! Yeah! Starting to get exited to stay at YC for the first time and a repeat stay at CSR. Getting my butt in gear to pack -- only forgot to buy ziploc bags for outfit packing.

53 until YC. Can't wAit. We need a daily discussion thread here.

129 days for us!

Thanks for starting this. Its just what I told them over in chat when they were all doom and gloom. Why cant we have a steves...

But where's Steve?


61 days til Por!

105 days until my F&W trip with friend plus added BONUS solo days! I'm already working on Liner parody lyrics for my Phineas & Ferb day tomorrow. I'll be sure to share then with you. smile

Oops learning curve here. 334 days until next officially booked trip with the dgk's.

52 days!!

61 until Beach Club Villas!!! Tonight is FPP selection and I don't yet have a plan. Guess I need to figure it out in the next 14 hours...

24 days until WL!!

I'll be doing the same tonight!!

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144 seems like forever

Fingers crossed for both of us.

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149 to go!

  1. Trying out the forums.
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54 days! Our first stay at Beach Club excited! Celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary and DH birthday!