Steampunk Robot Mickey mug

Does anyone here have the Steampunk Robot Mickey mug? I’m wondering if it’s dishwasher safe. I know most of the Disney stuff is, but some isn’t.

Would love to help @Ariadne but I have no idea. I do LOVE the mug though! Was it a recent buy? I’ll be at WDW in 30days time & this would be an awesome buy

I guess you could maybe call Disney and ask. It looks like you may have the item number.

It’s generally hit or miss with Disney ceramic/glass kitchenware. I know most of their plastic stuff is not dishwasher safe because the high temperatures will cause it to crack over time.

I did just buy it and I just took the price tag off, too, so no item number (pic is from the web). I forgot to ask and Disney really should put something on their tags, but they don’t. Anyway, I hand washed it for the first time, but it would be nice to know if it could go in the dishwasher. I was hoping someone here bought this or it’s companion Stitch mug and could tell me.