Steam Trains tour

Does anyone know how strict the age restriction is on this tour? DS is 8 and the info says 10+.

Age 10+

Thanks. And they check?

I would assume so. They are held to the limits of their liability insurance so it would be in their best interest. And for you, it is in your best interest not to try to skirt the restriction as your own insurance - and theirs - will likely decline coverage for any incident that may occur.

Sigh. I know I needed a reality check but still… sigh.

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Something to look forward to on a future trip.

Besides, the trains aren’t running at present so I’m not sure the tour is as good as usual.

All true. I was hoping to find a tour we could all do as a gift for DH because his birthday is right before our trip. There’s not many the kids can do! I don’t want to spend $250pp and we already booked the Giants elephant thing in AK. Got any ideas? Sadly he’s been poo-pooing MVMCP so I can’t use this as an excuse to buy tickets. :rofl:

Maybe I should book some kind of babysitters instead and just have a but of grownup time in a park. :thinking:

Have you done the behind the seeds at the land? It’s super affordable and the guide was great with family. Also not very long - so doesn’t take up the whole day. Could be fun if LWTL is an attraction your family enjoys.

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I’ll have a look at that one. Thanks!

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Seeds is good. Lasts an hour. Not effected by weather. Discounted with Disney Visa. Especially nice if your DH has a green thumb

My kids have pointed out that I’m the one who does all the gardening so I would probably enjoy it way more… which is true, and makes it a rather poor gift in my case. “Here babe, I got you a tour I am going to LOVE!” (I have a green house and grow food. I would definitely love this tour.)

Ahhh then you should go anyway :grinning:. Totally get that though. What kind of stuff is DH into? Is there something outside of the parks that might do the trick? Round of golf? Putt putt as a family? The new NBA thing at DS?

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He’s an engineer. So he would like the trains! Or anything back stage/“how it works”-ish, but all of that is $$$ and/or adults only. We’ll have mini golf passes as part of our package, he doesn’t real golf, and not a Bball fan.

I’m sitting here like, Disney, please give me a way to give you more money. And I’m getting no love.

I’m married to an engineer too - they can be so tricky!

I know things that he is interested in for the next trip are the lightsaber and droid build activities, the void attraction at DS and the dine with an imagineer package.

My boys will be 7 and 9 this trip and both are looking forward to the new Captain Hooks crew at Beach Club while my husband and I have a date night.

I also booked archery at Ft wilderness (ages 7+) which may be more in line with an actual treat for your son.

I would love to just spend time hanging out with the people who maintain the rides/ animatronics. It would be so cool just to see how some of it works.

I floated that idea, as well as an in room sitter, to a chorus of “noooooooooooooo”. They both hate being left anywhere or with anyone except my brother. So I’m pondering whether I want to force it on them, ha. I don’t want to make them sad on vacation. And DS has anxiety and associated challenges so it’s not like he can just suck it up. But even just a walk around the resort and stopping for a drink would be pretty darned nice.

It would! Hopefully we’ll have a chance to do some of the in depth backstage tours one day. I would love it, for different reasons than DH I think but we’d have a great time.

LOL - I haven’t listened yet but TouringPlans has a podcast out today called “Traveling with Teens and Tweens”. May be useful to you.