Steakhouse 71 breakfast *Jan 2022

First, Steakhouse 71 is in our top 3 WDW restaraunts … for lunch and dinner.

Today our breakfast and service were … just plain bad.

We were seated 25 minutes after our reservation time, and it got slower from there. Everything took forever. Server kept disappearing for long periods of time. Food was coming out slow.

After a seemingly long wait, my wife’s omlete came out runny inside. Then yep, server diappeared before finally coming back to check on us.

By the time the server re-appeared, we had shared my breakfast, and were ready to go, and sent the bad omlet back. The server apologized - for the omlet, and stated “they would be right over to check in us”

Nothing happened for a lengthy period of time, and when disappearing server reaapeared again, we simply asked for the bill for my breakfast, so we could go. That took forever, and they finally appeared with our check and omlete re-do.

Love the restaraunt, and go often as locals. Never again for breakfast. Ale & Compass still #1 breakfast for us.


I really did not want to hear this. I’ve only made three ADRs for my trip and this was arguably the one I was most looking forward to. For breakfast.

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That’s an unusual experience. Many including myself have had really good experiences at SH-71.

I’m the kind of person who will see that something has a thousand five-star reviews on Amazon and one one-star review, will read that one bad review, and then will boycott the seller forever.

We had lunch there at the beginning of December. We thought it was ok. The food was good, but I wouldn’t be crushed if we didn’t go again. We were seated in one of the horseshoe shaped booths and it was obvious that the back of the seats weren’t cleaned up from some very messy children. We had to be careful not to sit back in our seats.

Well I’m going back. There are things on the menu I still want to try.

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Maybe this is why several available breakfast reservations showed up recently for February at SH721. Yikes.

For sure we will go back also … for dinner, not breakfast. But if i walk in and see that server helping us, I’m walking back out and avoiding the stress.


Yep a server can make it or break it.

Oh i guess I never talked about the breakfast food.
My omelet that was cooked fine, was OK. Nothing special, probably not a $17 omelet. The potatoes were a bit bland and dried out. We ordered a side of bacon, the server specifically stated that it was “5 pieces” we got 2 pieces (one way under-cooked) and a then some bacon crumbles.

Through the problem with my wife’s omelet, they offered us the pastry platter. Really glad i did not pay $9 for this. Every pastry was a poor version of a store-bought muffin.

So yes, I do think alot of our poor experience was the service and under-cooked omelet. What also surprised me was their lacking attempts to make it right. But at the end of it all, the breakfast food was just nothing i would go back for.

DINNER … definitely go for dinner. We have good luck with new reservations openings, if you use the TP reservation finder

I believe @galuchies went to Sh-71 several times while he was there this past week. @Jeff_AZ took his family once too. oh, and @Minnie27mouse went a few times too

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We loved our lunch there. The steaks were fantastic and the fries were some of the best I’ve ever had anywhere.

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I was there 4 times for breakfast the last trip. Food was always good especially the steak and eggs. Every day I had ADR’s for 7:30 so was always seated immediately. I did have an experience similar to @tline35 one of the 4 days. My server kept disappearing, breakfast ended up taking 20 minutes longer than it should have which made me late for RD at MK. Mostly waiting for her to bring the check and return the check. Also there was a guest that seemed to be a regular that she kept stopping to talk to for extended periods of time. She took our order than stopped and talked for literally 5 mins before even putting our order in.


I wonder if it’s the same server I witnessed in December. Thank goodness, not my server. She spent at least ten minutes chatting with the table next to me. I was annoyed for the folks at her tables.
Servers can definitely make or break the experience. I had breakfast and lunch there. The food was solid, save for a lazy Eggs Benedict I promptly complained about. To be fair, it was one of many things on the plate.
SH71 is one of the few places on property with reasonable restaurant pricing.

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