Std room VS. DVC Room = Different type vaca?!?

Hello all - we have been to WDW 7 times with our ever growing family and me many many more times. With the addition of DS#4 we are now pushed out of the vaunted 5 person room category. We have always stayed on the monorail loop or close to MK (CR, WL, Poly). This will be the first trip that we are renting DVC points at BLT. We still plan on utilizing the dinning plan as we do not want to make dinner / lunches. We plan on, and have always, utilized Garden Grocer for all breakfasts…

My wonderment is … all who have experienced the difference between standard rooms and DVC, does the feel of your vacation change? Do you find yourself in the room more as you have more space and amenities? Thank you all for any thoughts or input you have!

If booking via wdw direct you get all same services as standard If renting points there is no housekeeping apart from towel change and trash out on day 4. Renting points will be cheaper but you need to get the owner to book ddp for you if they are willing to do that you have no contract with wdw which some dont like Can’t help with other q

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I have stayed in various standard rooms at WDW both moderate and value. The last couple of trips we have stayed at OKW in a 1 bedroom villa. Both times we had free dining, so did minimal food prep - I made oatmeal, margaritas, maybe a few sandwiches. I don’t think we spent that much more time in the villa, but the time we did spend there was MUCH more enjoyable. It’s lovely to have the space to spread out. Having a proper balcony was really nice too. I also spent less time in the laundry room - it was great having a washer and dryer in the room.

The single best thing about OKW is being able to park your car right outside your room - no marching back and forth from the parking lot. I know this isn’t the case at all DVC resorts, but thought it was worth mentioning.

I would agree with @Ellen1976. It’s not that you spend more time in the room, it’s that when you do spend time in the room, it’s a much more pleasant, relaxing experience. There are places to sit other than a bed, you can have people sleeping in one room while you hang out in another, and when you’re having your breakfast, you’re sitting at a proper table instead of sitting on the edge of a bed like a savage. It will spoil you for regular hotel rooms. :smile:

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I’ve been teaching middle school too long. I did a double take to figure out what STD rooms meant. :blush:

:flushed: first of 4 boys heading into middle school I guess I should be mindful of my abbreviations! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: