Staying WBC, booking a night at POP before?

I’ve heard about booking a dummy room to get the benefits of staying “on property”. However in May I might need a room one night before we check into Bonnet Creek so we might book a night at Pop. If we do, what all will we be eligible for? Magic Bands, FP+, Parking?

You’ll get bands, and you’ll get the FP+ 60 day advantage, but you’ll only get the free park parking for the day of and day after your night at POP.

If we get one night at POP, but 3 days of tickets, will we be able to make FP+ for the 3 days of tickets, and get parking for the 3 days of tickets? Or just the night we were at POP?

I think FP+ days are linked to ticket length, but parking is definitely linked to your check in/check out dates at Pop.