Staying on property with 8 people?

We have a total of 8 people. 2 adults, 2 “Disney adults” (both 14) a 7,6,4 and 11months (at time of trip). I would love to stay on property but cannot afford a villa it a deluxe resort. Is there any way to get connecting rooms? Do all resorts have them? Looking at a value most likely unless we can get a room discount on a moderate.

A little more info:
Looking to go January 2017. No dates yet as Disney hasn’t released any info on Jan. Probly last 2 weeks of January as we do t really want to go during any run Disney events. We would be staying sat-sat or sun-Sunday. Would love to be able to get a package with park tickets and dining. One of the biggest reason I want to be on property is a dining plan. Even if it’s not saving me any money I would rather pay upfront and not have to worry/budget fort meals.

Because you’ll have more children than adults you can have your rooms linked and it’s actually the only way to guarantee connecting rooms. It’s probably best to book by phone to make sure it’s entered into the system correctly, or use a good travel agent. Not sure if they all have them but most value and moderates do have a limited number available.

Can I book 2 connecting rooms with one package? Or do I have to book 2 separate packages?

I’m not sure if they would consider it one or two for deposits sake.

Truthfully for what you are going to pay in renting two rooms I would actually consider offsite. There are lots of houses and condo’s for the cost of one value room that normally include 3 or 4 bedrooms, private pools, hot tubs, etc… I know everyone wants to stay on property but it gets really expensive by the time you’re looking at renting multiple rooms. Plus with 8 people you are going to feel crammed in there.

In all fairness I really hate the value resorts lol. I find the beds to be small and miserable and they are loud and hectic all the time. The last time we stayed at pop we had people running past our room all the time, and of course you can’t really open the windows without people peeping in.

With offsite you will need to consider transportation but some of them offer shuttles to the parks but you can offset that and more because you’ll normally have access to a full kitchen, and you can have breakfast or even some dinners in your room/house.

Here’s a site that another liner highly recommended to me. It’s for Wyndham Bonnet Creek which is basically on property, but not a Disney owned hotel. It’s a couple that rents out timeshare points much like DVC. The rates are VERY reasonable and we’ve had lots of liners say how much they enjoyed staying there. They have a daily shuttle or you could consider renting a car.

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I’ve got the off property down. We would do regal palms thru homeaway since we are renting a car regardless as we’re driving down.
My main desire for on property is the dining plan. I know most say it’s not worth it or a good value but for me I prefer to have all (or at least all that can be) trip expenses paid in advance. I know it would stress me out to have to budget for meals with 8 people. I dont want to have to do the math for every meal everyday before we eat anywhere. I would much rather just have the credits and do as we please. But I can only get this on property. I would really like to include dining as part of our vacation instead of eating cereal at the resort everyday.
Can you get a dining plan if you rent dvc?

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On a side note. I’ve seen the site you linked there. If you want a good price for bonnet creek go to tuggs or red week. You can get a week for half what that site wants. And if your willing to wait until last minute I’ve seen 3-4brm presidentials at 7-900 for the week.

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Yes you can pay for the dining plan if you rent DVC points.

I’m kind of a to each their own with the DDP. You could still kind of prepay for it but take the same amount of money and putting on a Visa giftcard. That way if you don’t use it all you can still use the money when you get home.

And thanks I’ll take a look at those sites.

Sorry to bring up an old post, but what did you finally decide? I’m kind of in the same boat.