Staying off site

When staying off site, is it possible to get good FP+ selections if you reserve 30 days prior? For example, Elsa and Anna characters at MK, Soaring at Epcot, 7 Dwarfs at MK - would I be able to get FP + for these if I stay off site (going last week of October)?

i’m staying on site and logged in 60 days in advance of 9/18 trip and still couldn’t get 7DMT!!

Perhaps I’m lucky, but I stayed off site last July and got everyone of those that you mentioned (A/E , 7DM,Soarin’) at 30 days. I’m staying off-site this October, and hope to have the same luck.

Good luck.

Highly unlikely for 7dwarfs. A&E more chance but won’t be the time you want if you get one. Soaring tt should be fine

It’s 30 days in advance to book off site and 60 days in advance on site. This time, as we are going for Holidays, we are doing both, 2 weeks in Florida. 5 days at Disney, 3 days off site and 2 days on site. We will get the harder FastPass for the days on site and will get the other ones the other days.

I think a lot has to do with time of year. I booked 7 dwarf just this morning for sept 1 & 2. Lots of availability. I’ve also got 7DM last minute… Like day of and week of before, if I keep checking.

I’ve just finished doing my FPPs for offsite August trip (3 people). Availability for everything was good (parades, Soarin etc), except 7D and A&E. Still got 7D although not at perfect times.