Staying Off-Site - Magic Bands?

If we’re staying off-site in September, does purchasing MagicBands make sense? Was thinking of just using the Magic Mobile App and our Apple Watches. Thoughts?

I don’t have a comparison to answer your question, but hopefully someone does. We stay offsite and we do have magic bands, but they were purchased just to have on our first big family vacation there. We only used them for park entry and fast pass taps (ah the good old days). If you can get assurance from someone that Magic Mobile and using your AW will work as well or better, I’d say it’s not worth buying the bands.

Yes, you can use an Apple Watch in place of a magic band. I wear both :rofl: I can tap in with whichever arm is closest.

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How many people in your party? Any children?

Some people find MagicBands are easier for their kids to have (as long as they don’t lose them) since each person can tap in for themself. If you have Magic Mobile and several people in your party, and you’re not very swift at it (it can be cumbersome) you make a bottleneck at anything you have to tap into (entrance and LL). They can make a nice souvenir.

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You’ll want Magic Band plus if you have people in your party wanting to play the bounty hunter interactive game in Galaxy’s Edge or if you have people who would enjoy interaction with Golden 50th statues and the Play Disney Parks app.

The Magic band plus has features that light up in sync with fireworks shows. I saw a YouTube of a band used during Harmonious. It’s pretty neat if you like that sort of thing.

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That’s what I did during my last trip. The Apple Watch works just as well as the Magic Band. My one, probably unfounded, worry was I didn’t like the idea of tapping the screen of my watch against a hard surface.

I have a screen protector on mine.

This can be a big deal. A friend of mine and his family were there earlier this month, and they got an LL for Remy, but his wife had her rider swap on Guardians she wanted to do. So she did that while he took the kids up to Remy. When they got there, they couldn’t get in because the kids were on his wife’s magic mobile, not his, and so they wouldn’t let him into the LL. (He was able to get it straightened out at a blue umbrella).