Staying off-site and RD - advice?

Staying off-site and plan on RD-ing all parks. At park opening, how do they segregate on-site guests and off-site that qualify for EE? Can off-site guests not get through the entrance turnstiles until 9 am? Or is there another in-park tap to verify that on-site guest and can access stand-by lines during EE? For example, if trying to RD 7DMT as an off-site guest, what I can I expect (besides a wait)? Can we get through main turnstile and then wait near the FL hub entrance near Cheshire? Trying to figure out how to plan to be in the front of the off-site RD crowd. First park day is Sunday, Feb. 27.

Yes that has been the case for Magic Kingdom.

For the latest on the ground info on that subject I’d pop in and ask on Touring Plan’s planning tool, WDW Chat. I check there every morning for updates.

Scroll down to WDW Planning, then WDW Chat.

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I did not know this chat was an option and have been wanting something like this! Thanks for the suggestion.

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Thanks for the guidance. Posting there as well.