Staying off resort

Any advise for taking a break/rest for the kids mid-day when we are staying 30 min away from parks? The TP’s that I’ve seen for small children (our will be 2.5 and 5 when we go) include a break back at the hotel for a few hours. I don’t think that would work for us… I’m sure someone has been in this situation before… Thanks for your help!

Depends on when you are going and your touring style. If it is mid summer and the park is open until 1 am and you want to be at rope drop and close the park, I’d still recommend it.

An alternative is to schedule table service meals at lunch (and possibly dinner) take it slow, enjoy being off your feet and in air conditioning. Plan on seeing inside attractions during the heat of the day like CoP tiki room, hall of presidents. Maybe the children will nap during those. Go slow during the hot times. You could also tour resorts and ride the monorail to get some alternate scenery


Should have mentioned, we’re going in Feb. We’ll be there for 7 full days (2 travel 1/2 days). Just trying to get organized early! No touring style, just trying to figure it all out :slight_smile: Do you know if we leave the park will we have to pay for parking again when we return? We will have a rental car- Staying in Haines City.

I’m thinking 2 days for MK, so maybe RD one day and Fireworks the other? This will be our first trip (and maybe only), so I’d like to experience as much as we can. We’d also like 1 day each at AK, EP and HS. Then maybe a day at DTD and Kennedy Space Center. Sounds like a mid-day trip back to the house might be doable after all! Thanks!

Once you pay for parking, you don’t have to pay again. Keep your receipt to show the attendant. You will have to account for time to leave the park and get back to your car, so you could be looking at 1.5 hours of just traveling not counting actual time break-ing.
Sounds like a good way to break up the days. Especially if you are hitting the parks hard for a few days, it is nice to take a break and do something less strenuous.

Can you stay closer like in Windsor hills or a nearby condo? Staying on property would help cut down travel time for breaks

Parks close early in Feb so leaving and returning might not work out. Mid day breaks are a must in the summer when parks are open to 1 am but not so much in Feb. Stroller naps or going to one of the water parks might work. For MK one day rd to 4 ish then another day with a later start might work as suggested for wishes. We stay off site and dont take breaks at Easter but hit rd and go until we drop at the begining of our vacay then return to villa to swim eat sleep then other days we start later to do park closing.