Staying hydrated?

We live in the cool dry mountains and planned our trip to WDW mid-June. I’m anticipating humid 90’s and crowds. I’m already going into shock! I’m wondering how long the wait is for the free water stations and if you have any tips for staying cool and hydrated? I was considering buying a bladder for my backpack, but worry it will be a waste. Any ideas?


Take a water bottle for sure…you can fill it anywhere…no need to wait at a water station.
The bladder sounds like it could be a good idea, but I don’t know how hard it is to refill them…
Also, some people use those cooling towels, but I like a good old-fashioned bandana that I can keep wet and tie around my neck…and wear a hat…

My wife does horrible in the heat! Just bought her this water sprayer/fan to bring with us at the end of May.

Also, carry a water bottle with you that you can keep in your backpack. You can fill it an any water fountain, obviously, or ask at any food stand that has a soda fountain or sink to fill it for you for free. Stay away from caffeinated drinks. If you’re peeing often and the color is clear, then you’re very well hydrated.

You can also get a sun hat, and or this sun umbrella.


Before you spend the money on a hydration pack to put in an existing backpack consider getting something like this

Its more expensive but it is also a full backpack along with a solid hydration system built into it. You could fill it at any bathroom sink. I wear one of these (not this exact model but VERY similar) to ski in … and i ski alot. They are comfy and easy to take on and off. Those add on hydration things that you add to an existing backpack don’t work all that well in my experience. Just another thought is all …

I always imagine the water in those things getting - excuse the language - piss warm, and that does NOT appeal to e in the least.

I would bring a water bottle and refill frequently.


I agree. If you have a hydration on your back all day, it’s going to be in the sun all day, getting warmer and warmer until it’s too hot to drink. Unless it has amazing insulation, that is, I guess.

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Too true…refilling a water bottle often is a much better idea…

actually … in warm weather you fill it with half ice cubes and half water …never gets warm much less hot. But that was just one idea of many. Choose what you think works best for you and I’m sure it will be fine.

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I do terrible in the heat and find water just sort of sloshes around in my stomach and makes me feel worse. I find Powerade or Gatorade to work much better. I agree with a wet bandana, frogg togg or fan. Honestly, I will only go to Disney between November and April, I find late April difficult. Have a great trip!

Yes! Thank you for the wonderful feedback! We’ll dump the bladder idea and maybe add a mister/fan and a few other things to keep cool. We’ve already bought great water bottles for each of us to fill up often…

All these little things!!

A possible thought for bladders if the opening is wide enough to fit a water bottle, freeze a water bottle and use that for ice to keep it cool. A large block of ice will melt slower then cubes. Or just plain fill it with ice from the ice machine, by the time you need a drink some will have melted.

I still have kids in a stroller so I bring a few bottles with me in the bottom of the stroller, some frozen.

For those of you with kiddos…I usually carry some of the kool aid, lemonade, or tea packets in my backpack because we think the water from the fountains and sometimes even the restaurants tastes horrible. My children leave the resort with a plain water bottle and are told that once they’ve consumed a full bottle of water they can refill and use a packet.
I haven’t been on-line much lately to catch up on posts, so I’m sorry if this is repetitive. Weeks before the trip I lay out paper towels and put dish soap on them. Once they are completely dry I pack them all in a ziploc bag. They are really nice to have in your resort for washing out water bottles or coffee mugs.