Staying dry

This might seem like a weird question, but how do people manage to stay dry while at WDW? Particularly with shoes. Do people use anything special to dry out their shoes while at the hotel? Thanks for suggestions!

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If it’s warm, I’m wearing rubber/plastic sandals and slogging through the puddles with no worries. I have a light backpacking parka that breathes well enough I can wear it on warm days and not get soaked from the inside.

Stuffing wet shoes with newspaper overnight dries them out.


This is kinda silly but I’ve often thought of packing our boot dryer. It’s light but takes up room so I’ve only thought of it - haven’t followed thru. If/when we make another winter trip I’m really going to think about bringing it along. :blush:

I’ve been thinking the exact same thing. We are going in a week and I was wondering if that would work.

I love my boot dryer so much that it was what I gave relatives and friends as gifts.

It drys shoes and gloves at my house more than boots. Especially sweaty shoes - less stink.

I just looked at Amazon and found a dryer to go in a boot instead of a dryer the boot (shoe) goes on.

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I take breathable sneakers and water reppelant (running) shoes

That plus a long water resistant hooded jacket came in handy last weekend

It’s maybe not the most effective of space but I always bring two good pairs of shoes. We had terrible downpours our first 2 trips and ended up with a day where we needed to use the alternate shoes while the first ones dried.

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We had a couple of trips that we ran out of dry shoes due to do much rain. Especially June or September.

DH still thinks he’ll be fine with one pair (I bring an extra pair for him anyway). My sister and I now pack several pairs. Our September trip I brought at least 5 pairs for 7 days and wore them all. We didn’t have any wet shoes despite Hurricane Dorian being right off shore.

As for staying dry, sometimes it’s difficult. When it’s really pouring is especially tough. We were slogging thru ankle deep water in Epcot during one heavy rain on a trip a few years ago. My pants legs were soaked, and the wet was wicking upward. My rain jacket was stopping the water getting in but not up. We passed a CM in full rain gear - pants and jacket and she still looked miserable. I was really doubting our sanity just to get a little kid to a supper with princesses.
Nowadays I’d call and cancel.

That sounds miserable. We have never been to WDW so I’ve been watching the weather reports for next week. The pattern has been alternating between rain for a couple of days and then no rain. I hope the pattern holds out for the next couple of weeks!

Remember that if there’s rain outside rides could close. Fireworks could be cancelled. But it’s rare that the park itself will close. If you’re prepared for the weather you can sometimes experience shorter lines.

Stores have seemed more crowded tho.

I have been in Epcot with rain 5 minutes before Illuminations. The rain had quit and the show had gone on. But a large percentage of the guests had already left.

Thanks for everyone’s comments. We packed our boot dryer in case we had week of rain. And I took my sandals that work well in that kind of weather. We only had one afternoon of a downpour and that was it! LOL!

Oh well. If we weren’t prepared, it probably would have rained all week!

Thanks again.


Boot dryer is a great idea! I once melted my kids shoe, no kidding, trying to dry it in our hotel with a hair dryer! The last trip on a rainy day I brought flip flops in my backpack. When the rain started, my tennis shoes went in the bag and my flip flops went on. We were wading through ankle deep in MK. I was the only one with dry shoes later. DH and DS’s shoes went on the boot dryer when we got home!

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When we were there last year, I saw a family wearing these waterproof/water resistant shoe covers, which I’d never thought of and thought was pretty genius. I haven’t tried any but am thinking about taking some for our next trip. (sorry for long/messy link, but something like these)

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It is so warm in FL though. Even when it rains. I can’t imagine anything that wouldn’t let my feet breathe.

Even in the high 60s sandals and shorts were the way to go. Though it was in the high 20s when we left home, so anything above 60 is beach weather! LOL

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This is awesome! Thank you

Bring 2 pairs so one can be drying out while you’re in the park. Most resorts have guest laundry facilities, so you can throw them in the dryer for a few minutes…