Staying at UOR visitng Disney or vice versa

Has anyone stayed at either UOR and part of your party visited UOR and the other part Disney? Or vice Versa? My son wants to go to UOR with his Dad and my DD6 wants to stay at Disney. Just trying to plan ahead during a busy spring break week next April. I am trying to figure out how feasible it is to stay at either and drive over to the other. The ability to get the express pass thing at UOR makes staying there more enticing but it’s so expensive in general for that time period. And adding an additional room at Disney for the same night if DD and I want to stay at Disney. I guess i need a spreadsheet to work this all out. I was just shocked with the pricing of the express pass at UOR (or whatever it’s called) plus the price of the ticket.

Any who has anyone had success with doing this either way? We would have our car with us to make it easier.

You can buy the Express Pass without staying on UOR property. So, perhaps it would be better just to stay the extra night on Disney property, and your DH and DS can just purchase Express Passes.

We stayed at WDW for 2 weeks. During the first week we spent 1 night at UOR and so had Ex Pass for 2 days. Then we did 2 day trips with no Ex Pass in the second week.

How were the no express pass days? I’m torn between PB (express pass but will need roll away bed and kids share bed which is not ideal) or CB (no express pass but nice suite to accommodate our fam of 5)

Sometimes it is cheaper to stay at your primary resort (in this case WDW) and book a UOR room just for the ExpressPass and not use the UOR room at all… than it would be to buy passes for your party.

This would give your party (whomever is listed on the UOR reservation) 2 days of Express Passes (check in and check out days).

I am also wondering if they could get everything done in 2 days at 2 UOR parks during spring break. My son doesn’t wait well but I hate the extra cost, when Disney does it for free. LOL
And I personally don’t have any interest in going to Universal so that’s why DD and i would just assume go to Disney on those days. I guess it’s cheaper to buy 2 express passes at around $200 vs a $400 a night hotel room.
Just wondering if anyone here had worked out the math or had already done it. Esp with 1 group going in one direction and the other another.

It would only be a party of 2 adult tix and right now the nightly rate for that time period is at minimum $400. I could also look at how much less that other express pass is (the one that you can only ride each ride once, I think) I am not well versed in UOR so I need to do some research.

The first day we were really late arriving so we had to use single rider lines which was fine for us anyway. The second day was fine, I had a touring plan which we didn’t really stick to, but we’d already ridden everything several times so the pressure was off. We didn’t have long waits though. We’d never been with ExPass until that trip and though it was nice to have, we’ve always been fine without it. We mainly stayed at HRH just because I wanted to, not for the benefits.

And yes - how were your drives over to UOR from Disney for those days of your day trips? Was it pretty easy to rope drop even if driving?

What time of year were you there?

Summer, we usually do late July.

Both times we did UOR, we drove. It is no big deal. Even though we were coming from the other side of Disney. It was about a 30 minute drive. (We didn’t stay on Disney property, but a condo on the west side.)

ETA: I should point out that if you are staying on Disney property, the time to UOR will be LESS than our drive, since MOST of the time for our drive was spent on the road BEFORE we ever reached Disney itself.

we just stayed at Hard Rock in a Deluxe Queen room, which has 2Q and a sofabed which was perfect to give us express pass and separate beds for DS14 & DD10