Staying at Swan

Need info on best options, airport to and from Swan.

Have early arriving flight, and late departure. Will Swan hold luggage before and after check out?

Yes, the Swan will hold your bags at the Bell stand before check in and after check out. Do you have Starwood SPG elite standing? If so, you can get late check out.

We flew into Sanford when we stayed at the Swan last December. Uber cost $43 to get there. It’s easy as pie to use. If you fly into MCO, the airport has some restrictions on which Uber drivers can pick up there, limited to Uber Select, which will be a few dollars more. I priced it for my upcoming trip from MCO to the Sheraton Vistana Resort at $55 - 63. Still cheaper than a taxi or shuttle.

We LOVED the Swan, btw … the location is fabulous, the restaurants excellent, and the staff was awesome - and we’re measuring that against other Westin and Sheraton resorts.

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Yes will hold bags no problem. We used Destination MCO. From Swan to MCO is $60. We got a NICE, SUV. Excellent service. I think they cut you a break if you get it roundtrip. We used them MCO --> Portafino and then SWAN --> MCO. Great service. website is

If you are staying at the SWAN we loved our room - we were on one of the arms that point to Dolphin and we FACED towards (although couldnt see) Yacht club. Great view to see the friendship boats come in and out of the dock. Very relaxing but energetic view

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