Staying at Shades of Green


Just looking for any advice about getting around from SOG. We are staying there in December. Crowds are predicted to be low. The biggest downside is that parking isn't free at the parks. We were planning to take the bus or walk across the street to the Polynesian for the monorail. I have two mornings that we are planning to be at RD at 8 AM. Has anyone been able to do this? Am I dreaming that we could be at 8 AM RD at AK while staying there? I've heard it takes a while to get to AK from SOG. Thanks.


Buses start running an hour before park opens so you can always walk to poly and catch a bus. Just make sure you are there early enough to catch first bus and you should make rd.


Doesn't SOG have there own desperate non Disney busses?


Separate not desperate


I think so but they don't run nearly as often so I always just see people talk about walking to poly.


The SoG busses do not run as often, but they are on a regular schedule and are always on time. You will be able to make EMH/RD at any park using them. They are direct to park for AK and DHS (as well as the WPs). For MK and EP they drop you at the TTC. I used SoG busses for DHS, AK, and EP. For MK, I walked to the Poly and took the mono.


The original question was from someone heading to SOG in Dec, so I am late responding. But I have a trip coming in March and this discussion is bumming me out. Did something change? We have always had free parking at the parks like the guests of other Disney owned resorts. We also received the Extra Magic Hours perk. We did NOT get the early FP+ reservation privalege, but otherwise a SOG stay was the same as other hotels on property.


You still get to use EMH. The no free parking at the parks has been in place for probably about 10 years now. The $5/night parking fee at SoG started up after they built the parking garage - 5 or 6 (?) years ago. SoG has never had DME service.