Staying at RP next week for two nights

Any top tips?
Will be asking for the room through TP.
Will valet park for pure laziness.
Know we can use express pass as soon as we arrive first day
Are major HP fans and have Howarted 2 and 4 year ago so straight to Diagon Alley and Gringotts.
Have done both parks thoroughly beofre bit necr stay on site.

The RP pool looks amazing.
Really want to do Blue Man but DW is baulking at the expense (16 days in FL - the irony)

Any pointer for old lags same as the news lags :smile:

You can use TP to request the room? I thought fax requests only worked for WDW resorts?

Make sure to get your Express Pass+ card at your resort before you head out to the parks. The kiosk will be in the RP lobby. Also, be sure you have a park to park ticket to ride Hogwarts Express between the two parks.

We love RP and food at the pool bar (Bula’s) is great. Jake’s is too if you opt to eat in the resort. They usually have live music. The boat in the morning can get bottle necked. If you are aiming for early entry I would walk (about 15 minutes at a fast pace and the path puts you in City Walk near Margaritaville, not far from the entrance to IoA) or plan for extra time!

Being fans, I’m sure you know to look for all the special effects in the Wizarding World, such as Creature in the window at 12 Grimmuald Place and so on…

Have fun!