Staying at Poly and going to MK FW after

We are staying at Poly and are trying to figure out dinner for the last night (a Wednesday). It is EMH at MK so we want to do parades, fireworks, and some rides, but the fireworks are the must to end the trip. We will be at animal kingdom during the day with a Tusker breakfast and Yak and Yeti for lunch. Thinking Ohana for dinner or somewhere in MK or other options?

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This is a very open ended question with lots of options. It kinda depends on whether you value convenience & saving time, if you like character dining, if you’ll be taking a midday break between AK and MK back at the Poly…

I’d say any of the restaurants at the Poly, GF, Contemporary, in the MK, or even at WL are in play for you. But, I think these would be the most convenient choices with the least travel time involved.

Ohana or Kona - especially if you’ll be at the Poly taking a break before heading back out. It’s just so easy to leave your room, go to Ohana/Kona, and then immediately catch the monorail to MK right after eating. IMO Kona is a little hidden gem that’s almost never crowded and is easy to score a same-day ADR at most times of the year. Ohana is very good and we’ve done it every time we’ve stayed at the Poly, but it is a ton of food and you will feel a little rushed by the servers.
Contemporary restaurants - The advantage is you can just walk over to MK after eating. Chef Mickey’s was a real hit with our DS5, though the food is just ok. Never done the Wave or CG.
In-park - We’ve done BOG, CP, and Skipper Canteen. CP is fun for the characters, but food is just ok. BOG is pricey but good. Skipper Canteen is my favorite in MK for food quality and moderate cost.

We’ve done the Poly a few times, and IMO I think it’s just easiest to eat there before heading back to MK.