Staying at more than one hotel?

We are a family of 4, with soon-to-be 6-year old twins. I’ve been doing a lot of research, but this will be our first trip to Disney World since I was a kid.

We all were excited about staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, but we are starting to think it’s too far from the Magic Kingdom where we want to spend much of our time. So we are very interested in the Contemporary Resort too.

We plan to stay 5-6 nights. And I think besides the Magic Kingdom, we will most want to visit Animal Kingdom.

My question:
Would it be crazy to stay at the Contemporary Resort for a few nights then switch to the Animal Kingdom Lodge?

Thanks for any and all advice.

I’d consider the other things you want to do during your stay - what sort of non-park activities? I think every resort has countless advantages but just see what things interest your family and factor in travel to/from each resort. I think it would be fun to try out two different resorts but maybe during a longer stay? I try to be super conservative with my time management so if worry that I’d waste “fun” time physically packing up all of our stuff, checking out/in, and unpacking. Or convince your spouse to do all that while you enjoy the pool with the kids :wink:

We are going next month and renting DVC points to stay at Bay Lake Tower. MK is at the top of our list and our other to-dos are easily accessible from BLT.

I don’t think it’s crazy at all. We did a split stay last trip and we are doing the same in June. Staying at Port Orleans Riverside and Coronado Springs.

I always split my 6 or 7 night stays. This year I am staying two nights at YC for Flower and Garden, and then four nights at my favorite resort- AKL!

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Thanks so much. Giving me some confidence to try the split stay thing. Maybe 4 nights at CR and 2 nights at AKL.

To EGK: Ha! Yeah, I think I’ll be the one letting the spouse and kids enjoy the pool, while I move. Oh well. Sometimes being able to spend some time by myself, even if only to move hotels, is the most relaxing thing of all. :blush:

We’re doing a split stay in 2 weeks. From what I understand reading the forum, it’s an easy process. Other than the packing and unpacking, Disney will do everything else for you.

When you are ready to check out, call bell services to collect your bags. They will arrange to transfer them to the new resort. Check out of your first resort and go about your day. When you are ready, show up at the new resort and check-in.

We will be doing a poly/BC split stay over Labor Day. 4 nights each. My plan is t pack for the 1st resort throw all dirty clothes in bags and do laundry while at the pool after checkin at 2nd, which will be BC.