Staying at Ft Wilderness there is a boat to the resort, right?

And can you see fireworks from resort?

There is a boat from the Magic Kingdom. It is usually shared with WL. I believe there is also a boat that runs the loop to CR too but when I took that boat from WL at 7:30am it did not st GW, maybe it went there first?

There are two boat routes from the Ft Wilderness docks. One goes to MK, and one runs a triangle from the Ft to WL to CR, then back to the Ft.

You see very little of wishes, just the top, from the Ft Wilderness beach. I assume the new show will be of similar altitude.

The electrical water pageant goes by about 9:30, its fun.

President’t week the MK route was MK, WL, FW leaving MK. Pick up at WL was WL, FW, MK.