Staying at DVC

I may be renting points from a friend. Do a lot of people just stock up their on food for their villa and then bring lunch to the parK? I do want some ADRs that would be expensive if done a la carte but I strongly prefer a light breakfast in room and 2 of us like sandwiches for lunch. If we bring lunch to the park and my son wants quick service, we can sit with him, right? Also, are there a lot of sitting areas around the parks?


You can certainly do this! And there are lots of places to sit. It can be a little more challenging to find a seat in the shade, but it can be done!

When we staywd at DVC we stocked up on food so that we could have breakfast in the room, pack lunch, and then a dinner ADR. One day we switched it up with a large lunch ADR, so then we just had sandwiches back in the room for a late light supper.

Even when staying in a room we eat breakfast in most of the time. It just makes it easier. Either little cereals / bars or I’ll run hot water through the coffee maker for oatmeal. Just makes the morning easier

Great thing about vacation is you can do what you want. Cook for yourself or eat out. You are the captain of your ship. My family has bars/cereal for breakfast, bring our snacks to park and pool, and eat TS for dinner.

Wouod anyone recommend that I get dining plan anyway? We do want some character meals but I’m not sure if we will want daily table service or if we will want the daily snack. If we do have a daily snack, thhat might be our whole lunch.

From the sounds of things I do not think the dining plan would be a good value for you. I ran then numbers for us, and it would have been a big waste of money.

When I was trying to answer this question for our upcoming trip I found this dining plan calculator to be very helpful:


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