Staying at Disney Springs Hotel 2 days before park days: Can I still use FP+?

I am looking at staying at a Disney Springs hotel which offers 60 Day FP+ bookings prior to our time at Disney. I was thinking of booking it as part of a Universal Studios package. The week we’ll be at WDW, we actually be staying off-site with friends following our time at Universal.

Here’s what the itinerary would look like:

Oct 03: Check in to Disney Springs Hotel as part of a Universal Studios ticket+stay package
Oct 4: Go to Universal
Oct 5: Go to Universal
Oct 6: Check out of Disney Springs Hotel, Stay with friends
Oct 7-12: WDW, with FP+ booked 60 days out, thanks to earlier stay at Disney Springs

Would this work?


I believe…that 60 day FP at DS hotels is only with a Disney package, at least that’s how it was announced. Perhaps someone with real/recent experience will answer here shortly.

We are booked into a hotel at Disney Springs next month. Our FP window opened at 60 days for our whole stay. So initially you would get your three days all at once then the subsequent days will open one at a time. Does that make sense?

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This is what I think will happen too.

Assuming your DS Resort is one where you get the 60 days, then 60 days before check-in you’ll be able to book for your DS resort stay.

For the remaining days, you’ll be able to make them exactly 60 days out from each day. It’s a rolling window that you get because of your resort stay.

I am also interested in this. Why wouldn’t it be 60-day (from the first day of the stay) FP+s for the nights at the eligible hotel and then 30 days out for any days remaining in the ticket.
I am also wondering: what if you want to take a day away from the parks in-between park days? Does the reservation system allow for that? Do you still get to reserve those days 60 days before the first day of your stay?

When you have a reservation onsite, there is a rolling window for booking FPs.

Probably not intended but there you go!

So what happens is, say your reservation is October 7th to 14th.

At 60 days before Oct 7th, which will be Aug 8th, your FP booking window opens. You can book FPs all the way up until Oct 14th, assuming you have tickets which cover all those days.

The booking window continues to roll on. On Aug 16th, you still have the opportunity to book FPs for Oct 15th. On Aug 17th, you can book Oct 16th and so on.

That window rolls on right up until you check out. So when you check out on Oct 14th, your window will be open up until Dec 13th! Of course you’d need valid tickets or an AP to book but the window is open.

Your question about taking a day off in between park days. Do you mean say in our pretend stay, you want to go to Universal on Oct 10th? That’s fine. Normal tickets are valid for 14 days from first use. You don’t have to book consecutive days. In our pretend situation, if you have 8 days worth of tickets you could book for each day from Oct 7th to 14th.

Also if you just have a 5 day ticket, you can book any 5 days worth of FPs as long as all the days are within 14 days of the first. As soon as you try to make an FP on a 6th day, the system will stop you.