Staying at BW for the first time

Any tips? Do you all walk to HS but not Epcot. This resort I know the least about dining and what people actually think of the pool.

We walked to both parks. I don’t think the distance is much of a difference.
Went to the pool (area) for about an hour one day and had a cold drink. I think my DH took a brief dip. Nothing special about it.
For food you really have to exit the BW. Refillable mugs were serviced at the Boardwalk Bakery. It didn’t bother us because we’re not breakfast people and hit the parks for lunch and dinner.


Flying Fish is fantastic, i just ate there on Thursday. Also. Trattoria el Forno is good for dinner. Lunch options, you can get pizza ftom the window in front of Trattoria, one of the better pizzas i have found on property. Another option is the grill, cant remember the name, that is right on the boardwalk

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The BW is a magical place. You’ll love it and the location.

Walk to EP (5-10 min) and HS (10-15 min). There are buses to MK, DS and AK.

The luna pool is fun. Not too big. Great slide (creepy clown is less scary during the day).

Aside from the the food options on the boardwalk itself, there is the Bellevue Lounge that serves something of a breakfast and perhaps a little something later in the evening. Bakery is the better option. You’re also in walking distance to the Swan/Dolphin and Yacht/Beach which all also have several dining options.


Flying Fish is amazing. Signature, so a little more pricey than even Disney pricey, but worth it. Abracadabar (not misspelled) is a great, fun little hideaway to catch a cocktail. Evening entertainment is incredible. I hear the pizza window is good. And Ample Hills.

Also a very short walk to all the dining at Yacht and Beach, as well as to WS through international gateway.

Great little spot

Here’s my favorite photo from BW


Oh that’s right! I keep meaning to check that place out! Big River Grille & Brewing Works

Also, a short walk to Swan Dolphin with more great dining options.

Heck, this might be the best area for a foodie come to think of it!

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We walk all the time - it’s a pleasant walk and depending on where the boats are, we can often beat them to HW. I love the feel of the BW area. We tend to wander into Epcot daily, just to eat/snack in the countries. :slight_smile:


Thank you, everyone! So the map looks like the BW Villas surround the pool, and you walk over from the BW Inn. Were you all staying DVC or the Inn?

We weren’t very impressed with the Big River Grill. It was definitely edible, but nothing special.

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Entertainers on the BW at night are one of our must see’s, especially Coney Island Chris. If the weather is bad they’ll be in the BW lobby and near Bell Vue Bar. Flying Fish is great for upscale, Trattoria al Forno solid, noting fancy. Ample Hills for great ice cream.


You have all of the EP area resorts within walking distance for dining.
You can walk to both Ep and Hollyweird.
The boats are nice, but slow. If you are going to dhs, and you JUST miss a boat, you could probably walk over to the Swolphin’s boat launch, and catch the same boat.

When leaving AK or MK, if you are taking a bus, if the wait seems long - you can also choose a Swolphin bus, or BC bus, and get dropped off at one of those, then walk to BW.

Go to Ample Hills for ice cream.

Look into hoppers if it makes sense for you. You only have a few minutes of travel time for TWO parks. Hopping to or from those two parks is only a few minutes.

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We are planning to stop off at BW on our way from Epcot to HS. We just want to check out BW for an hour or so, then either walk to HS or take boat. We are only going to Epcot for GG early ADR, then Soarin’, Canada, France then back entrance boat launch - should be done by noon. Does that sound doable? . Plan to get afternoon FP and ADR at HW. Would it better to hit the boardwalk after HW closes, then bus back to our resort WL?

The shops and movies in Canada and France don’t open until 11:00, with the rest of World Showcase.

@DixieDisney had a little trouble following which things you want to do by noon. and to everyone else, does the QS in France open earlier than 11 for breakfast?

Yes, Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie opens at 9:00 a.m. for pastries. I don’t know exactly what foods they have at that hour. They have a lunch/dinner menu with entrees, sides, and desserts as well as pastries. That is the only one of France’s QS places to open early.

You won’t be able to bus from BW to WL. You can Uber/Lyft though.

Sounds like you’ll have a bit of a gap in time from finishing Soarin’ and doing much in WS. What time is your ADR? Time does go by fast but you may need to go at a slow pace to get to 11 o’clock opening of Canada attraction.

I don’t remember everything that they had in the morning, but I know they had their ham and cheese croissant–yum!

Love this picture. After a long day, where i admit O had pushed DD past her limits, we finished watching illuminations and needed to get out of there. I knew enough to be dangerous and exited out IG. I thought we could get cabs there, so was bewildered when there was nothing like that. Saw the friendship boats and just hopped on (last family on).

When we pulled into the Boardwalk, looking like that, it was almost as magical to me as an adult as the fist time we road the monorail through the Contemporary when I was a kid. I just had no idea what to expect.

We ended up walking through the lobby and catching a minnie van that was dropping someone else off. Disney Magic was on our side for sure.

I cannot wait to stay there this July!