Staying at AOA split reservation

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I am trying to plan a trip with 2 different groups of friends for end of Sept, early Oct. I want to be able to book a suite at AOA for the whole trip. My question is this - I will have one set of friends staying with us for the first part of the trip beginning Friday and leaving Monday and a second set of friends coming on Wednesday and staying through the following Sunday. Will I need to make 2 sets of reservations or can I make one and have the parties listed for the appropriate days. I will be doing the ADR’s and FPP’s for everyone so it will be in my MDE. If I have to make two reservations (which is very likely), will Disney link the reservations so I do not have to switch rooms.

Thanks in advance for your help.

I do not know how/if WDW deals with changing guest rosters during a stay - hopefully someone who has tried this can chime in. However, if you do have to make two separate reservations, they can link them so that you do not have to change rooms.

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Also my second part to this question is concerning park tickets. If I have to make 2 reservations and I want to do a package for both how do they handle my park tickets. It is obviously cheaper to do a 10 day ticket than a 4 and a 6. I am ultimately going to get an annual pass but I want to be able to book my dining and my fast passes before I purchase that.

For those that will be there the full 10 days you can attach 10 day tickets to the first reservation and you will be able to just use that set the full time. That’s what we did with our split stay. You’ll also be able to book fpp for the full time at your 60 day mark.

@Outer1 has an answer for that. My question is why you would be looking to do a package rather than RO reservations with tickets purchased from a third-party reseller like UT? Are you hoping to get “free” dining? Then you would have to go with two reservations with matching tickets for everyone on each reservation.

Personally I don’t bother with ticket re-sellers. Unless you’re going with a huge group the $10ish in savings isn’t worth it to me when I can buy it all at once and have everything instantly linked.

Agreed, when the savings isn’t that significant. I guess my point related more to a true package where you have to buy the tickets in order to get the promoted deal, versus a RO reservation to which you have added a ticket purchase.

However, there are certain ticket classes where the savings is more substantial, and right after a WDW ticket price increase you can get a significant savings over gate price until the inventory of lower priced tickets runs out.

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you can book the room and add dining for each reservation and then add dining to make both stays packages (you need to call to do it).a ten day ticket costs 388.77. A 4 day ticket is 324.83 and a 6 day 346.13 if you want the AP, can you apply both tickets to an AP? Why not buy an AP voucher, and see if you can get an AP discount on the room?

Good Morning Everyone,

I think I decided to just bite the bullet and get the AP now. Book the trip and pay OOP for the 1st night. I can make whatever changes I need too as we go along. As long as I can book dining on 180 that is important.

Thank you all for your help.