Stayed at Wilderness Lodge recently?

anyone stayed in the regular part of Wilderness Lodge recently? We stayed at Boardwalk last time. I’ve watched some room tour videos, mostly from 2016 and 2017, and it looks like they’ve tried to be consistent, but the rooms aren’t quite as updated/nice. Any semi-recent first hand accounts, especially if you’ve also stayed at other deluxes to compare to?

@PrincipalTinker has stayed at Wilderness Lodge and may have some guidance.

My family stayed at Boardwalk years ago (2001 maybe?) and loved it, but never stayed at Wilderness Lodge.

I just got home this evening from 8 nights at WL :slightly_frowning_face:. In general, the resort is great, but I did find the rooms to be dated. We stayed at YC last August right after the rooms were renovated and it didn’t compare in terms of room comfort and freshness, in my opinion. The rooms were fine (big, clean), just dated (think 80s bathtub and shower curtain). I also really missed having USB ports throughout the room. I live in Europe so have different plugs, but I had only one adapter with me. It was a pain to keep all of my devices charged!

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We stayed at WL in April. I absolutely loved the resort and would definitely stay again! That said, I found the rooms to be a bit on the smaller side and in need of a little freshening up. We found the bed to be really comfortable though and we never had issues with air conditioning etc. so we had a totally pleasant stay!

The only other deluxe we’ve stayed at was AKL (Jambo) and the rooms were a similar size (maybe a little larger at AKL) but I do know that AKL and WL have the smallest rooms of the deluxe resorts.

There is a refurb of the regular (non-DVC) rooms due soon. Can’t remember when it starts, but soonish. Maybe early next year, or even sooner?

I think WL, like AKL rooms are smaller than most deluxe resorts. Combine that with the darker colors , it will always be different, but I love it!