Stay off-site, but book cheap room/campsite?

So, we have 5 people, and weirdly need 2-3 bedrooms. Has anyone given thought to staying off-site in a condo but also paying for the cheapest Disney hotel possible and checking in just for the resort benefits? I.e. fast pass+, EMH, free parking. Staying in Sept/Oct, so Disney will likely release their resort only discount, which might make this more economical.

Yes people do this but I have not. Have you considered renting DVC points for an onsite option with 2-3 bedrooms?

I have… Cheapest option with 2 bedrooms is over $3,500; a bit out of reach. A 3 bedroom rental on airbnb + cheap Disney hotel is less than $2,000.

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If you want everyone to get EMH access you would have to book a room that sleeps 5, which I think rules out the cheapest rooms.

campsites are up to 9 I think, but I bet its pretty apparent you’re not there… But we could really do 4 since the 5th is a really young one which wouldn’t be riding anything…

I don’t think it matters if you are not there. You need to checkin. if you are paying in full but not using the site I don’t see why it would matter if you don’t actually stay the night. I know others see it differently but to me it’s kind of like buying the dining plan and not being able to use all the credits. Disney has your money, you paid for a service/product, if you don’t utilize it to the full advantage It does not matter you still paid.

What about the folks who are wanting to book campsites and actually use them, but can’t find availability because people do this? That’s my issue with it. I’ve seen numerous posts from people trying to book a week and can’t get all days. I’m sure part of the problem is people using the campsites to get onsite perks and not intending to actually stay there. If you want onsite perks, I say stay onsite. But, then I’m a rule follower.


Yes. This is caused by people who book one night just to get the MBs, FP advantage, and EMH for two days. Or who wait until their FP are done and the MB has shipped to cancel their resort stay. That does cause problems for people trying to book a week. But @ricksunyog is talking about booking a resort room/campsite for the entire length of his trip and just not staying in the room/site. I guess it just don’t see the issue with this. They are paying just the same as any other guest and just choosing not to stay. It’s like going to a character meal buffet & paying but choosing not the eat because you only want to meet the characters.

I have never done this because I am a penny pincher and an onsite kind of girl but I just don’t see the issue if someone has the money and wants to use it this way. @djsmom Are there actual rules that say you must sleep in your room if you paid for the night? (I am not being catty here. I really am wondering if there is a rule about this)

I know of some families that booked a Disney hotel but took two days in the middle of their stay to go to Universal. They did not check out of the Disney hotel but just left it empty for the nights they stayed at the Universal hotel so they would not have to move all their belongings.


I do have a really great and lengthy response I’m currently drafting, but just very busy at work this week. I will post it in the next few days.