Stay in club rooms or suites and get 90 day fastpass

Plus you can pay $50 for 3 extra fastpasses per day

It’s a new VIP option

Here’s a link talking about it in advance but since this article I believe it’s been confirmed by Disney. It even applies to some of the rooms at swan and dolphin


If you read page 2 of the article it seems this is all happening very quickly and suggests it’s so they can trial in anticipation of extending paid fastpasses to a wider audience in the future

Huge amount of money could be made by Disney here long term

Imagine how many people would pay to buy FOP fastpass and the new star wars fast passes etc

Will upset a lot of people but I think it’s the way of the world now

People will always pay

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Next step is that they will hold you upside down at the security checkpoint and shake you until all your money falls out of your pockets…


I’m sure Walt said he wanted everybody who went to DisneyWorld to enjoy the same experience?

I guess he’s turning in his grave a little bit

But its the way of the world


But back then, you had to buy the books of e-tickets to ride the really popular rides. So it was still based on the ability to pay more.

I thought it was “So parents and children had a place to go together”.

I love Disney, and yes it’s annoying that people can pay for these privileges (not unlike paying for the skip the line passes that have existed at other parks for a while), but… The Declaration of Independence does not list “A trip to Disney World” as one of our unalienable rights.


Nothing new for me. I stay offsite, so as far as I’m concerned those stay onsite are paying extra for the privilege of EMH and 60-day FP window.

The fact is if your willing to pay for things like MNSHP and MVMCP which takes away some of your park hours, Disney is more than willing to take your money. Disney is a major corporation after all and is in the profit business first and foremost. Not unlike other corporations, which are NOT a living person, it has no feelings what so ever and is in business primarily for the stock holders and the company as a whole.

I’m getting really discouraged here. We keep pushing the vacation budget one step further to get a little jump on the crowd, but inevitably, the crowd keeps finding ways to trample over us. So discouraged to pay a premium to stay on property so that we can have a 60-day window, only to sign in at 7:00 AM on day 60 and not get a FP that we really wanted. Now this news for club-level guests getting a 90-day window… I guess at some point everyone has to decide when they’ve had enough. (I know, wah, wah,wah :cry:, right?:smile:)

Honestly, I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

  1. a touring plan almost makes the fast-pass unnecessary, unless you’re after the super-popular or new stuff(like the pandora rides). For everything else, sure it’s a luxury, and can help free up some time, but it’s not like they make or break a plan.

  2. Regardless, I don’t really see an advantage to 90 day, 60 day, or even 30 day window… because it’s not like you were first in line anyway. Someone else’s 90, 60, and 30 window already overlapped yours before your window even opened. The only thing that’s changed is now you can snag one too. For me, the early windows are nice for just being able to fit them into a plan, so the farther out the window doesn’t mean much.

  3. And even if it did, this is for club-level only. Which means the people able to take advantage of it already are able to take advantage of all the advanced perks that Disney offers (things like VIP), so the impact from them should be pretty minimal anyway.

All in all, I wouldn’t pay for it m’self, but I’m not opposed to having the option out there. Now, if they made ALL the fast passes paid-for, that’d seriously suck… but adding a 30 day window seems more like a placebo effect to me.

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It’s the suggestion that this is being rushed out as some kind of test bed for future wider role out of fast pass changes that interests me more.

Which does kind of make sense.

I guess at the same time it could simply be a longer term strategy of just making club rooms and suites at hotels more attractive

Not sure how many guests it involved and how many guests in percentage terms would even know how to take advantage of 90 day fastpass

Wonder if the 3 fastpasses per day for $50 need to be booked in advance or not?

It does say only 1 ride max per day with them so you couldn’t do FOP 3 times. I’m kind of thinking they wouldn’t have to be pre booked?

The numbers involved are tiny, something like 3%-5% of rooms are CL in the resorts that has CL, which means overall it’s even less than that.

All the extra fastpasses have to be booked over the phone when you book the “extra”, and can only be modified over the phone. Ditto for the evening viewing.

So they can limit the impact to pretty much zero for now.

Thanks, that’s good to hear. I guess this is old news to most of you, but I also just read about the DS resorts now getting a 60-day window for FP’s and EMH privileges as well :frowning_face:.

Maybe it’s just me, but at 60 days out I have Never had a problem getting what I wanted for FP. We are going March the first and I recently went on-line and booked FOP with no problem at all. Because you can book 10 days worth of FP’s on the 60th day out, I always book the hard to get FP’s on the third or forth day of my trip. This of coarse is because only those staying at Disney resorts can book at that time and can do the 10 day at a time booking. If you try to book say FOP on the first day of your trip you limit your chances of getting it. In past years I Never had to book right at the 7am opening for FP’s. I got everything I wanted say at 2pm. Now that FOP and RoL is out there and because they are the hardest to get, I booked them on the 4th and 8th day of my trip 60 days out immediately at 7am PT,

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This is a “never” for me.

3 day minimum = $150pp = $600 extra for my family for that which I can likely secure on my own by using the modify/refresh tactic at no added cost. This is probably good for guests with more than average means, traveling at Christmas time, who have no idea how to manage FPP well on their own.

But for Liners? This is silly :wink:


You can actually book for 14 days at 60 days out. :grinning:

Well imagine being able to get FoP, Navii and Safari booked, leaving an easy job of EE, Kali and Dinosaur at 60 days.

Or TT, Soarin and FEA sorted before the 60 day window.

Meaning no need for rope drop, PPO breakfasts, EMM, desert parties. One guy reckoned he’d paid for it by cancelling all those on an upcoming CL stay that he’d booked before this was announced.

It does mean total stress free planning. Heck, you wouldn’t need a TP at all :grin: The only reason I can think of for needing to rope drop with this would be for Jedi Training. Of course you do have to do the planning, and even earlier. And commit to being in the park for 4-5 hrs plus the nighttime show to make it worthwhile.

And just imagine if this is still in effect in 18 months time, when SW:GE makes getting an FoP fastpass like a doddle.

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Nope. Doesn’t appeal to me at that price. Money grab by Disney, and I’m not biting. I’d rather spend the $600 and have my family do a special tour or other event. Perhaps my husband and I could dine at V&A.

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Also - I LIKE the planning. So there’s that, too.